Items that come back to the Repair CAfe

Hello there! What do groups do about reporting data from items that have been brought back to the repair cafe? If I log it one month as “repairable” do I go back to that item or log in a new item as “Fixed” on the date that it is brought in and repaired? Thank you

@james gave an answer here but that may be out of date. Is anything being worked on for this? It would be nice to have a way to link them.

Hi both,

Great question. The topic you linked to Andy is indeed pretty old and there’s another related topic here. But actually nothing much has changed since those conversations.

For the time being, we recommend logging items every time they are brought to an event. Here’s why…

Only items that are marked as ‘repaired’ count towards a group/event’s environmental impact stats. So if a toaster (or something) isn’t fixed at a first event, but is at a second, it will only count to the amount of waste and CO2e saved once.

For the number of items seen at events, it’s best to think about the overall stats as the ‘number of repairs attempted’ - i.e. the number of times volunteers helped someone with a repair, rather than the number of items they attempted to fix.

That said, the number of items that were deemed ‘repaired’ or ‘end of life’ should still be pretty accurate, as this assessment tends to be made just once per item.

Does that make sense?

Thanks yes that is helpful James.