Repeat/return items logging best practice

How do you recommend we log items that come in one event, need parts to get fixed, and come back the next event to finally get dealt with, such that the fixometer sees it as one continuous project rather than two separate items or a failed repair the first time.
Would you not log it the first time round?

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Hi @4ndy ,

Great question. Currently, there’s no easy way to do this as each repair attempt listed in the database is counted as unique. Of course, that does mean there’s some overcounting, but from our experience, this is only affects a very small number of repairs.

If you can determine that a particular item has indeed been brought to an event before, you could make a note of that in the description field (including the date if possible) so that the repairs could be retroactively linked in the future.

It is also possible to edit/delete items from past events, so if you can be certain that an item has been seen before, you could edit or delete it from the past event’s data. Though we’re aware that may be a little time consuming and subject to memory of the owner/host/repairer.

Regardless, it’s best practice to log everything and then revise if/as needed (as supposed to omit items).

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