Invite to Big Bang Fair - Birmingham, 13-16 March


We’d love to know who might be interested in promoting repair to the next generation! We can feature a hands-on activity learning about the raw materials in mobile phones, and host a mini Restart Party too. We can cover travel costs and all expenses, from anywhere within reason. Please respond by 23rd January (next Wed) on the thread or message me personally, as I am the Education Lead here at The Restart Project. @Divya_Pujara @Dave @Faraz_Sayed @philip @hkoundi

The Fair aims to bring science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) to life in a big way by allowing our young visitors to get hands on with over 120+ STEM activities. Through The Fair we hope to inspire the next generation to pursue careers in STEM. A huge part of its success is the cross-collaboration from industry allowing us to showcase a great diversity of STEM and how it is part of our everyday life. This year we are on a mission to bring the most innovative content out there while also ensuring that every one of our 80,000 visitors meets a real scientist or engineer that they can relate to.

We could offer you space, basic furniture, perimeter barrier and power, plus potentially 1-2 volunteers to support the staffing of your stand. However, you would need to provide 2 members of staff to run your activity. We also have options for you to take space on all 4 days, just Friday and Saturday, or just Saturday, which may help with your budget. I would also like to highlight that each day approximately 20,000 visitors are welcomed to the Fair


I’d certainly be keen to go. You didn’t mention the venue or dates - Mr Google seems to think 13-16th March at the NEC Birmingham.


Hi Philip, Thanks for expressing interest! Let’s see how many more people are interested before the deadline, and whether we may have to draw straws, or crocodile clips :wink: . (Sorry for excluding the dates, added dates to the subject heading.)


Janet - I’m happy to come up for one day and take photos if you want (its an easy train ride for me). But not sure on permissions etc as its minors. Let me know if I can help. Cheers, Mark


Janet, which of the days are you planning to be there for? I’m waiting to hear back from Marie on this also as we have our own smaller local similar STEM event here in Leicester the weekend before call Create-a-con


We’re open to whichever days would be most convenient and exciting for volunteers, @Divya_Pujara!


Just to say that we’ve confirmed our participation in this event with organisers. We’re committed to a stand for Thurs 14th and Fri 15th, and we will encourage kids to bring small stuff for spontaneous repairs, as well as help kids learn what is inside their mobiles, with the aid of demo Nexus 4 mobiles and some new educational materials we’ve been creating together with academics from Belgium, Sweden and Germany.

I’ll be in touch with details to @benski @philip @Stefania @Mark_Phillips and I’ll keep you in the loop @Divya_Pujara in case you can get away for part of a day. Looking forward to it!


Beware the ides of March! Organisers are telling only now that we need to be there on the Saturday, so the dates are now Fri 15th (@Philip, @Mark_Phillips) and Sat 16th (@Stefania, @Benski).

Again, I will be in touch about travel shortly. Looking at NEC (outside Birmingham - 1h10 from London) and accommodation options, I think we are best off doing these as day trips.

cc @Divya_Pujara


Hi Janet -

No particular reason why I shouldn’t do the Friday and the Saturday. The only thing is, getting there on the first morning is going to be a teeny bit painful - 2h30m from Harpenden. Any chance of accommodation the night before?
With a bit more research it looks like parking at Hemel Hempstead (£7/day) would be the easiest - trains from there take 75 - 105mins depending on connections.


Janet - I’m going to drive up (with photo gear) on Friday, and I have to be in Derby in the evening. I’ve already got an overnight booked for that anyway. Are there any issues taking photos (re-organisers)? Do you know what time we need to be at the NEC. Any other details we need?


Ok great @philip. Would you be able to book your own travel and we will reimburse you? (Parking included.) Same goes for you, @Mark_Phillips please save receipts for your expenses and we can reimburse.

It’s a 9:30am start on the Friday, so I think we will aim to be there for 9am. Hopefully we can remain set up, and arrive for 9am again on Saturday.

I will book for myself, @benski and @Stefania.


Happy to book myself. I can get there and back ridiculously cheaply
with an advance fare valid only for a specific train if I don’t mind
sitting on it for an hour and 40 while is stops at every little
hamlet, otherwise it’s more like £110 (plus parking). If it’s
Restart paying I’ll do the cheapo option but if it’s the organisers
and they’ll reimburse whatever, I might opt for the extra half hour
in bed.

And what return train should I book for the Saturday?


Sadly we are paying our way. Would really appreciate if you could do the cheapo option. That’s why I think one day is more than enough - wouldn’t want you to have to repeat the journey - if you could come Friday that would be great :slight_smile:


If you’d like to let me know what time we’ll be finishing in the afternoon I’ll go ahead and book the trains.


The end times are 4pm Friday, 4:30pm Saturday - I’m giving myself a 30-40min margin to tidy up and get to the train. But you are welcome to leave whenever it is convenient :slight_smile:


My exhibitor e-ticket hit my inbox today. Do we have a stand number?

I’ve just booked my train: arriving Bhm Intl 8:45, leaving 17:05 (£14 each way plus £7 parking).


Great! Our stand number is 311 (copying @Mark_Phillips who asked too). Or at least this is what the system tells me. Feels like this event has required about as much paperwork as the Houses of Parliament, and we are not even on the programme just yet :wink:


I’ll be taking my family there on the Saturday so see you there! Happy to pitch in for a bit of extra hands needed.


Should I bring my own packed lunch?


We’ll cover food, coffees and all travel expenses - everyone please save receipts :slight_smile: