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The new system allows Restarters to be associated with a particular group. As a host, seeing who are members of your group is helpful in organising events. You can send out invitations to the members of your group inviting them to RSVP and let you know they are coming. As a host the attendance list is useful in knowing how many volunteers plan to come to your event. As a volunteer it’s useful to know what events you have coming up.

In order to get members in your group, you can invite people to join a group. If you are a host, this might be people that have expressed an interest and given you their email address. If might also be a volunteer that attended an event - you can record the fact that they attended your event and send out an invitation to join the group at the same time.

When a person receives an email invitation to join a group, then click on the link in order to join. If they are not already registered on the platform, they will be taken through the registration process and added to the group when finished. If they are already a member, they will be added to the group.

When a person is invited to join an event, they will receive an email. If they already have an account on the platform, they will be automatically RSVPed to the event when they click on the link in the email. If they are not already a member, they will be taken to view the event and given the option to create an account - they might not want to do so until after they’ve attended.

Overall, having volunteers associated to events should help in the planning and organising of events.

Let us know how you get on with this feature and what improvements we could make.

Hi, I tried to send invitations but no email was received.
I tested on Chrome and Firefox (Windows 10)
Recipients : 2 users, one and the other
Is it a question of firewall or spam filter ?

Thanks for reporting @ssebti !

Could you tell me if this is an invitation to a group or to an event? If it’s an event, which one?

This is an invitation to the INSERTECH Group


Good point - we’ll add that in.

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Still working on that one (ability for host to mark a member of the group as a host) - for now just get in touch with us and we can do it from our end.

Just thinking it through, what would you expect the link to do?

I guess a pre-generated link would take the user to registration; once registered, they would be automatically joined to the group; and then they could either be taken automatically to the group page, or land on the dashboard as per normal registration.

The manual process for this if you want to explain it to people in the meantime would be:

  • optionally visit Restarters and learn a bit about what the system does
  • visit Restarters and create an account
  • visit the group page (e.g. Hackney Fixers at Restarters)
  • click Join Group

As a host of the group you should receive an email letting you know a user has joined your group.

As @James_Diamond mentioned:

Would also like to be able to invite anyone registered on to join the group by selecting from a list of registered users. For example Philip Le Riche, Ben Skidmore etc are already registered but I can only add them to the group if I know their email.

Thinking about implementing this at the moment. How would we expect this to work?

It could be search by name. But presumably it should also be limited by location. It isn’t an issue at present, but say next year we have 50 Ben’s from around the UK on the platform, would we want all of them to appear if you’re a host searching for Restarters to add to your group?

It could be by location, i.e. simply ‘show me 10 Restarters near my group location’, however this is dependent on Restarters having entered a town/city and a country. Not everyone chooses to do this.

It could be by one or the other. But with the caveats still applying to both.

The other issue to think through is - should Restarters be able to opt-out of being included in a search on the platform? I’d assume everyone joining is keen to become a member of a group, so perhaps not, but it does need considering.

Having the search restricted to email address helps this in a way, in the sense that it assumes a certain level of connection between host and volunteer in order to add to a group. However it relies on knowing the email address used for the platform. Basically it kind of needs a discussion outside of the platform, saying - would you like to join this group, if so, let me know the email address you’ve used to sign up. (Or just join it yourself on the platform I guess…)

Thoughts @ugo @Janet @james @Ellie ?

I think that in addition to the current add via email address, it would make sense to be able to search for a name of a volunteer within 10/20? miles of the location associated to a group. As usual, London is the main case where we might have people living further away, but I think this could be a good compromise.

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Tend to agree with @ugo perhaps we just need to be clear on account creation that organisers close by can message fixers, via email.

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