I want to start in pune India

Repair party In India

Hi @Babajaan_Sajjan and welcome to the community!

It’s great to hear you’d like to start a repair group in Pune.

We offer some advice and guidance here on Restarters. But it’s worth knowing that most of it was written by folks here in Europe, so it may need adapting to your local community.

With that in mind, you can find our main guide to running repair events here:

There are further guides here: restart-party-kit

It might also be worth connecting with @Purna who runs Repair Café Bengaluru. While not super close geographically, Purna may have some useful advice on running repair events in an Indian context.

What do you think Purna?

@Babajaan_Sajjan, do you already work with a community in Pune?



Sorry for late reply.

@james @Babajaan_Sajjan

Glad to connect with you and share our experience.

You can contact me through this website or at repaircafe.bengaluru@gmail.com

We launched our little endeavour in 2015 and Bangalore City responded positively. We continued to host pop-up workshops throughout the city rather than limiting ourselves to one area. Our initiative attracted repair volunteers who are supportive of our work.
In order to survive, we keep rediscovering ourselves.

Visit this link about our work:

Thanks and gratitude,