Huge week in the media for Right to Repair


We’ve yet to sum up the results of the ecodesign votes in Brussels, but we can say one thing for certain that it’s been a huge week for awareness about “Right to repair” and community repair.

All was thanks to a BBC piece by environment correspondent Roger Harrabin on 9th January, that featured Portsmouth Repair Cafe fixers @Portsmouth_Repair_Ca which kicked it all off. The web version linked directly to the Manchester Declaration. This piece was aired on R4 Today programme - starts 2:45:45.

Just about simultaneously @ugo and I appeared on BBC Breakfast - here’s the video piece that preceded us

And a whole day of more radio (local radios across the UK - Ugo and I did about 14!). BBC also featured @Chris_Moller from Cambridge Repair Cafes and Repair Cafe Wales - was it you @Cerys_Jones?

@benski bravely attempted a “repair” on Jeremy Vine on Radio 2 and @Dave joined me on BBC Five Live that evening.

Then came the mainstream online/print coverage, with favourable pieces in the Independent, Daily Mail and the Guardian. On the back of the original BBC piece (which was wildly popular) they published another with our top tips and warnings about the remaining votes.

@ugo also did a couple of interviews and briefings with Italian media, as the Italian delegate was particularly rude and obstrucive during the votes. The Italian petition is about to exceed 100,000 signatures.

Subsequently, German and Danish media have joined in, with new coverage and discussion of the topic.

What we learned

It’s great to have fixer volunteers and event hosts in other parts of the country ready to talk to the media! We discussed in this thread, but let’s keep sharing notes and helping each other get good at talking to the media.

Also in response to all of the interviews, we created an FAQ or “gotcha” cheatsheet, for great answers to the annoying “but… but…” questions we get from journalists. Summary on this thread: