How can I edit the weight of items I've entered?

I have question. If I have entered my data but forgot to enter a weight for some products, why doesn’t it let me edit it and add a weight afterwards? I am now worried that my data is skewed because I didn’t initially enter a weight for every item and it won’t let me after the fact. Help please!

Hi Helen,

Currently, weight is only entered for unpowered items and for powered items that you categorise as “Misc” (If you selected “None of the above” as “Category” when entering a record).

For records where there is a specific powered category e.g. “Small kitchen item”, we use average weights that have been calculated and stored for each category so there is no need to enter a weight value.

Does that help? :slight_smile:

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Thank you Monique!

Hi Helen,

I’ve moved this to a new topic to help others who have the same question find it (and to keep the previous topic on track).

Just to build on Monique’s response, there’s a bit more info about how weights work here: Recording repair data - FAQs

Thanks a lot James!