How can I add additional admins to upload data to my event

Sorry if I’ve missed this in a previous post, but I’m looking to get a couple of volunteers to add data for me when we’re quiet in the hub.
Is there a way to get them to join Restarters and give them access to upload data for the events that I set up, or do they need to login as me?


Hi Clare,

Good question. In short, yes, this is possible. Here’s how:

  1. Invite your volunteers to join Restarters (and your group at the same time) by emailing them from the system or sending them a link. You can do that using the ‘invite volunteers’ option in the ‘group actions’ menu on your group page (more details here).
  2. Once they’ve signed up and followed your group, you can either:
    a) make them hosts of the group (here’s how). This will let them add data to any of the group’s events, but also give them permissions to edit the group and add new events.
    b) ask them to RSVP to the events to which they want to add data. This will let them add data to those events.

Would that work for you?

Brilliant…will use 1. & 2. b)
Thanks @james