Get ready for International Repair Day 2019


Hi everyone! It’s time to start thinking about International Repair Day!

Repair Day is back for the third time on Saturday the 19th of October, which also happens to be the week celebrating the 10th anniversary of the first Repair Cafe! :partying_face:

In homage to Greta Thunberg and the student climate strikers, this year’s edition will focus on the need to repair for the climate and for the future.

If you run repair events, please support the day by scheduling (or rescheduling) events for the 19th of October (the 18th or 20th would also be fine). For everyone else, we’ll be publishing a list of ways to celebrate the day nearer the time, so save the date!

Massive kudos to @Jessika_Richter, who has already planned an International Repair Day event in Lund! :clap:

We’ve also noticed that Repair Café Plymouth (@Sol_Moyano), Repair Café Portsmouth (@Portsmouth_Repair_Ca) and Reading Repair Café (@Stuart_Ward) have events planned for that weekend too :tada:


Hey James! Looking forward to International Repair Day - just wondering if you have a link to the logo for the day or other images to use for promotion?

Hey Lauren,

Good stuff! Sure thing. There are updated logos and other resources here:


Hi James

Really looking forward to our International Repair Day Repair Cafe at Ri-Diamo Reuse Centre this Sat.

Hoping to avoid reinventing the wheel so just a quick question about recording repair data at repair events.

I know I can put electronics repair data straight into the Fixometer. However I was just wondering if anyone has a good spreadsheet for recording repair data at Repair Cafes?


Hi Mike,

We are trialling a Google spreadsheet that is pre-configured for bulk upload to the Fixometer if you are interested. I would require your event_id and a gmail address to share it. Feel free to message me if you want to try it.

Have also created an Excel sheet but it is considerably less useful and having to maintain version compatibility is prohibitive.