Forum homepage: which option do you prefer?

Discussion categories, latest posts, or both?

We have the option to choose what we want displayed as the default view on the homepage of the forum. Which do you prefer?

Vote here and reply to this discussion to explain your reasoning :slight_smile:

Note: whichever option we choose as default, both categories and latest will be options in the main navigation.

  • Categories - a list of the different forum sections with a short description of each.
  • Latest - a list of the most recent topics and replies (See example)
  • Hybrid - a combination of the two other options: a list of the categories in one column and latest topics in another (side by side on desktop or latest posts within category headings on mobile) (See example)
  • Categories
  • Latest
  • Hybrid

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I prefer Hybrid (on desktop at least).

I find two columns side-by-side visually looks better. And I think it’s good to have two ‘entry points’ into the discussion - either see what the most recent stuff is, or find the category that you’re interested in.

That said, if they stack below each other on mobile, I wonder if ‘Latest’ should come first. That’s probably just personal preference though.

Do users get to choose their own view in their personal settings?

I prefer hybrid too - you get more information but it’s not overwhelming. Think it’s a clearer entry point into the community.

I was wrong about the mobile view (now updated in the first post). On mobile, latest posts appear within category headings in hybrid mode, which seems like a good compromise.

And yes, good point - users can change their default view in user settings (to categories (the hybrid view), latest or unread). So this question is most important when thinking of new members or unregistered visitors.

Categories is most useful for newcomers.
Latest is most useful for regulars.
Hybrid offer a bit of both and so caters to some extent to all users.

Agree that the hybrid view is probably the best. But once I go into a category, I’m really struggling with the order of posts and especially the inconsistent behaviour of pinned posts. Generally I would like to see pinned posts, and next the newest posts. But when I sort by “Activity”, I often don’t see the pinned posts. They seemingly become unpinned after I’ve read them (the pin flips vertically). But many of the pinned posts are intended to be reference material, to be revisited.

I believe there are some kind of underlying Discourse settings governing this. @neil @james?

Yeah, I think we need to figure out a way to fix the position of pinned posts (especially for the Restart Party Kit resources). Most recent is at the top by default, so pinning them, posting in each (in reverse order) and then locking them would do the trick.

But at moment, what you’ve described is the default behaviour: once you’ve seen a pinned post, it unpins itself automatically and you have to manually click on the pin icon to repin it.

This can be disabled in your user preferences if you want pinned posts to always remain on top, but not sure whether this default setting can be changed globally. Something else to look into…

Update: It can and I have :slight_smile: