Welcome to the community! Here's how to get involved

Thank you for registering to help test out the new Restarters Community platform!

This is a brand new space for anyone interested in community electronics repair events, whether as organisers, repairers or participants. It’s managed by The Restart Project as part of our work to promote community repair and fix our relationship with electronics.

It’s still very early days, but we aim to make this space a central point of contact and reference for everyone in our network instead of being split across a bunch of different channels and platforms. To do that, we need your help making this place as welcoming, easy-to-use and above all useful as possible.

Here’s how you can get involved and help us shape this space:

  1. introduce yourself to everyone. Tell us a bit about you, how you’ve been involved with community electronics repair so far and the last thing of yours that broke (bonus points if you were able to fix it!)

  2. Vote on our forum homepage poll

  3. post in the ‘what do you want from this site?’ discussion to help us get a sense of what you would find useful,

  4. post a new discussion in this category to share one of the following:
    a) the biggest challenge you’re facing around getting involved in community electronics repair. What do you need to make it happen?
    b) your most successful (or most recent) community electronics repair experience. What made it work well?

  5. if you spot a bug or something that doesn’t work, create a new discussion in the Help & Feedback category to let us know. Try to include as much detail as you can (including what device & browser you’re using) and screenshots if possible. If you spot a problem with other areas of restarters.net (e.g. in the Fixometer or Wiki), please let us know in the #restarters-dev category (if you can’t access that, you’ll need to join the @Restarters-dev-team).

  6. tell everyone about your proudest repair moment?

  7. tell us about community repair in your area. What’s the scene like? Is there a lot happening or not so much?

  8. start your own discussion! What interests you about electronics repair or community events? Share your passions - you might just find they’re others people’s too :wink:

For more detail about how we’ll be developing this forum going forward, take a look at our community development plan.