⚡ Fixfest UK lighting talks, show and tell session Thursday - UPDATE - we're full up!

Here’s what we’ve got lined up for Thursday! Each presenter has 5 minutes to spin a yarn, show us something cool, provoke us, inspire us or just present something useful.

(Presenters, let us know if 1) you’d like to change the running order and 2) if you have a slides)

For those who are late to the party, here’s the registration link for FixfestUK!

(Update) Confirmed - we’re now full-up!

  • @Dave (Crystal Palace Fixers) - On maintenance
  • Jon Dawes (@Repair_Cafe_Glasgow) - Pram repair and reuse in Glasgow
  • @Lorna_Montgomery (Share and Repair Bath) - A new shop in Bath
  • Jennie Caminada (Cheeky Handmades) - Tour of her sewing machine menagerie
  • @Artur_Donaldson (Restarters London) - Fixing Fairphones
  • @Elena (Restart data volunteer) - Tracking waste flows in London using open data
  • @Tony_Brown - Trash-picked TVs
  • Grant Cockerill (Repair Café Wales) - Delivering repairs during lockdown safely
  • @Clare_Seek (Repair Cafe Portsmouth) - Integrating the Right to Repair campaign in a Repair Café

I have slides: how do I present them? I’ve got Google Slides and/or PDF.

I can stretch to 10 minutes easily if you want :smiley:


Heh! Re timing, we’re going to be strict about the 5 minutes - to leave space for those who feel spontaneously moved to share.

We’re checking on slides, as the platform we are using is in constant development. If you will not be able to share, we can do for you, and you just ask us to move forward. (Or we can set on Pecha Kucha style “autoplay”…!)

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If at all possible could I go first or close to first? Not sure what I’ll have to share but for now just my pasty face :slight_smile:


You wish is our command! We’ll move you up there

OK, cool, here’s my slides:

or, if you prefer:
5 Minutes on Maintenance.pdf (35.3 KB)

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Can’t wait to hear the talks and also to present myself! Thank you for the opportunity.


Hi Janet. I’ve responded to James who messaged me about doing a talk: yes I can speak about my trash-picked TV experiences tomorrow evening. I’ve registered for FixFest. Does the technology work OK with Linux and Android tablets? Thanks.


Great to hear @Tony_Brown! We’ll add you to the line-up. I think it’s best to test out your set-up today. @james and I will be in touch about that.