EPA webinar: The Value of Repair - Fixing Stuff and Strengthening Communities

Another great webinar coming up on 10/28:


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Here’s the description pulled from the event page:

Wednesday, October 28, 2020 (11:00am-12:30pm Pacific / 2:00pm-3:30pm Eastern)

EPA’s sustainable materials management hierarchy places source reduction and reuse at the top of the pyramid, and reuse and repair play a critical role in conserving precious resources. Our grandparents and generations before them fixed things that were broken to avoid wasting materials, money, and time. Recent experience with supply chain disruptions in the wake of the global pandemic demonstrate the value of repair and reuse, and an infrastructure to support it.

There’s a revival of the repair tradition blossoming in locations across the globe as communities come together to repair what is broken in a variety of ways from community repair events such as Repair Cafes and Fixit Clinics to tool libraries. This webinar will share approaches to expand the growing repair movement that centers around culturally vibrant gatherings where people can bring broken items to be fixed or repurposed with assistance from an “expert” – who may also be a neighbor or friend. These organizations and events help repair objects as they build community by bringing together the collective spirit of sharing, stewardship and waste reduction.

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Wow Gabrielle, rubs eyes if this can happen during this administration, it can happen anywhere at anytime. Waste is a “devolved” policy area here in the UK and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have all shown leadership like this here. But central government has been really quiet.

We’ll try to join in!