Encouraging participant involvement

It’d be cool to think of ways to utilise the system encourage participant engagement during an event. (Also potentially before and after the event.)

If we get to a point where we can check in a participant at the start of the event into the system (the digital equivalent of adding a line to the flipchart) - or participant pre-registration as per Restarters Barcelona - then we could provide a one time link of some kind that gives edit access to that device only. Ideally it would be emailed or just made available on a public page. If the participant was willing to provide their email address, they could access it on their own device.

This would help the completion of things like brand and model, which the participant could fill in while they were waiting or while fixing with the repairer. They could also take photos of the repair in action while the repairer was fixing. The page would also provide links to relevant pages on the wiki based on the selected category of the device, and would also source relevant repair information from the fields on helpful repair info that we’ll be adding in a future release. It could also provide some reference material regarding the materials and CO2 that go into the manufacture of the particular category of device.

Lots of provisos to think about, such as connectivity at an event, availability of devices, willingness to share email addresses, etc.

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