Dear student or researcher - how to ask for help

Restart gets so many requests from students and researchers, and we really struggle to keep up. We imagine this is the case with other community repair groups - most of what we set out below is relevant to them too!

At Restart, we’re happy to chat or answers specific questions or requests… after you’ve read this.

What you need to know about Restart first

Our research priorities

  • We’d love you to capture feedback from participants — our way.
  • We have our own research priorities as an organisation and the closer your project aligns with ours, the more excited we will be about it.

Interviewing and doing your own research at community repair events

  • Come to an event as a participant first to see how it works and what it is all about.
  • Ask permission of hosts and interviewees. It’s best written down.
  • Be aware that there might be journalists or other people asking questions at events
  • Participation observation means participating. Much more effective way of gaining insight.

General questions about repair, the circular economy and design

  • Search Restart website and podcast for keywords (or relevant group’s site).
  • Join and read through this forum for posts by other students. (Like this one and this one. :lock:)

How to send a good request

If you are asking for our time, please be specific about what you’d like and how to respond. This is absolutely crucial. Often times we cannot respond because we simply do not understand the nature of the request.

  • Keep it short!
  • Ask specific questions that are not answered by reading our website :wink: or stories in the media about us.
  • If you’d like us to do something for you - please be as specific as possible. Who? What? Where? When?
  • Tell us what your deadline is :spiral_calendar:
  • Give us your phone number :iphone:
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