Coronavirus - how do repair businesses respond?

Over the last weeks, we reached out to the repair businesses on our London-based Repair Directory, to find out how they are coping with the situation. We learned that many of them had to close their businesses or severely reduce the amount of jobs they can fulfill. At the same time, many of us rely on our electronics more than ever. If an urgently needed device or appliance breaks, we need help by repair professionals.

We have created a list of businesses in London that can help with essential repairs. Find the overview here.

How are repair businesses dealing with the situation in your cities? Are customers still able to get help with essential repairs? Please share your stories!


All repair business I know in my area (South Bucks) have effectively closed. A few tried to keep running, with extra precautions, like prior bookings.


I got a request for a reliable shop in rural Oxfordshire the other day, so there is still demand for repair outside of London…

Hi @Janet
I think I was your “reliable shop” however I have heard nothing more about where we go from here - no one has contacted us
Reco Laboratory Services

Hi @Derek_sayers, A little confused by your message! Do you run a commercial repair operation for consumer electronics? That’s what our Repair Directory covers, and that’s what my message about Oxfordshire was about.

Morning Janet - I’d not looked at the Repair Directory so I (eventually) found the link to the map page. I did not find Reco Laboratory services on the map.
I also searched companies house and came up blank however my search found this entry on the antiques atlas website

So I’m now baffled too…

We’ve made it harder to find as the majority of businesses are not currently active, we’re directing people to the updated list. “Normally” it would be easier to find…

OK that explains my difficulty finding the directory.
Do you have a link to the updated list, I’m struggling to find it

Linked to in the original post on this thread :point_down:

OK got it now, thanks

So getting back to the post from Derek, if he follows the link you copied from Vanessa :point_up_2: could he be added to the list as I see it is really London only.
If he can then it seems all he needs to do is return the survey as explained:

Otherwise I think Derek is expecting something to happen that isn’t going to happen because his business is not in the London area which would be a shame?

Joining the dots…
…that circles round to Vanessa’s original question ie “How are repair businesses dealing with the situation in your cities? Are customers still able to get help with essential repairs?”

At the moment there seems to be no list other than for London area - is it easy to expand to cover the UK or are there practical issues?

Hi @Roger,

You’re right, at the moment our list covers only London. This is the area we know best and thanks to the Repair Directory we know a good number of businesses here already.

@Derek_sayers feel free to get in touch and let us know about your situation :slight_smile:

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