An online quiz, which is all about the Right to Repair

For groups in the UK, we’ve created a simple quiz that participants in your events can take while they are attending your events, when they are waiting or cannot participate in a particular part of a repair.

The quiz will collect some simple data about participants — and their motivations — which we can share back with you twice a year.

But perhaps even more crucially, the quiz prompts people to consider important questions relating to the Right to Repair. Multiple choice questions include

Gold, copper and aluminium in electronics have high rates of recycling. What is the recycling rate for “rare earth elements” used in electronics?

  • Less than 6%
  • 10%
  • 38%
  • Over 55%
  • I don’t know

What information do manufacturers create and then often not share with customers?

  • Service manual
  • User manual
  • Operations manual
  • Warranty details
  • I don’t know

Over the course of a mobile’s whole lifecycle (production, transport, use, recycling) roughly what percentage of its lifecycle energy usage goes into production

  • 5%
  • 20%
  • 50%
  • 80%
  • I don’t know

How long is a vendor of electronics or electrical appliances required to sell spare parts after a product has been sold?

  • Six months
  • One year
  • Two years
  • There is no legal requirement
  • I don’t know

If you can, download instructions and posters to advertise the quiz here!

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Nice quiz :slight_smile: To make this easier to use on a captive ipad (hurray a way to reuse an old device), would it be possible for the next/future version of the quiz to optionally let the URL specify the region so the user doesn’t have to enter it (possibly wrongly)? Like as well as

h t t p s://

could e.g.

h t t p s://

pre-populate the region? I didn’t want to complete entry so maybe it already does this: at the end would it be possible to immediately go back to the start ready for the next person?


That’s a great idea, @Ian_Barnard.

The region dropdown is dynamically pulled from the groups existing on - not sure it would be possible to do what you are asking… but I’ll let @neil weigh in! (Being able to generate unique URLs for groups could be useful in relation to scale use our pre-registration/safety guidelines form - currently only in use in London.)

That’s a great idea, but we are currently asking people to sign up for our newsletter at the end. But we’ve added a smaller, secondary link to take people back if that helps. Otherwise, bookmark?


It could be, I’ll have a play with it. I guess we’d also want the link that goes back to the beginning of the quiz to also include that region, which might be a bit more tricky with the plugin we’re using, I’m not sure if it persists the query string from page to page. But it might!

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This looks great. Would love to use this at our September Nottingham Repair Cafe if we can get some extra devices on hand.

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@neil Thanks - just being able to bookmark to a URL which fills in the region would make managing this simpler. Hadn’t thought about how the ‘back to start’ would have to include the region. Perhaps every link to next page will have to include the region as a parameter in the URL. Or something.

Great! Just noting a lot of people bring their own mobiles, and we added QR codes after attending one of your events in Nottingham, in response to request from participants!

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Now that’s a good idea, and if (when?) I can encode the region into the URL that really makes it easy for some of our customers to access the quiz.


QR codes are a great idea. So these are on the posters to advertise the quiz?

Yes, please check out the posters here:

Thank you Janet