3D print a face shield for non-frontline keyworks

Hi all,

Some of the team in Portsmouth started making face shields on Monday with their 3D printers. They’ve now looped in GP surgeries in the city to provide some additional equipment for them, as they’re seriously lacking in PPE at this time. It’s not perfect, but it’s an improvement on nothing, and for the non-frontline workers supporting the vulnerable and people helping to keep food moving, it’s something they’re really grateful for. (The local Uni is also working with our main city hospital to design and supply more protective kit.)

If anyone wants to start making and supplying them in their local community, all the details that I have are below:


There is a group in Reading doing a similar project. Based on this design.


On Tuesday we’re releasing a Restart Radio episode, interviewing Dr Tarek Loubani and medical student Reidun Garapick, working in London (Ontario) on a similar project as part of Glia, a charity developing 3d-printed medical equipment: https://glia.org/covid-19/

Without spoiling the full interview, they make very interesting points about the need to rethink our obsession for disposable PPEs, something that will definitely resonate with people in our community :slight_smile:

Hi @Clare_Seek and @Stuart_Ward,

Have you heard of any updates from groups printing face shields in your area? Here is the link to the podcast we’ve published on the topic:

Thanks for the link…have shared it on the local FB group: Southern Hampshire covid19 face visors…non front line medical

This group had made 10,008 by the end of play yesterday…there is also a separate group linked with the Uni that is doing others, so lots being made down here.



That’s a huge number, really impressive @Clare_Seek !!