Your help with survey of repair volunteers

Hi Restarters!
Researchers at United Nations University and University of Limerick would appreciate your insights! They have developed a short survey based on prior research to test what factors influence motivation and ability to repair electronics and electrical devices. The findings will be analysed to further understand how repairs of e-products can be improved. The results will be shared in an open source article and in a policy brief for EU policymakers. Thanks for your help in taking 10 minutes to fill out the survey:
Please feel free to share the link with other repair volunteers!

Note: this survey link is to the English version, but the survey is also available in German, Italian, French, and Spanish. Let me know if you would like the link to another language! :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing and explaining. Wondering if this post actually belongs in #right-to-repair?

Would be good for @ugo and @Chloe to learn more about this brief and how it can be of use to the :r2r: Right to Repair Campaign!

Thinking that perhaps @james or @ugo can post the Italian version in #local-chat:italia :it:


Sounds like interesting research Jessika!

Agreed with Janet that this would fit nicely in the #right-to-repair category, so I’ve moved it.

I’m also happy to post a link to the Italian version in the #local-chat:italia category. Do you have a link to the Italian version handy @Jessika_Richter?

Also wondering whether @Jonathan_Vigne and @Luc_Deriez would be interested in the French language version as well?


Thx @james
Of course. Could we have the link to the en version ?

sorry , I meant the french version please

Really? I can’t even answer the first question. Most restarters tend to work with whatever people bring so we gain familiarity and experience with both ‘Small electrical appliances’ and ‘Small electronic equipment’.


Thanks! French and Italian links below @Jonathan_Vigne, @Luc_Deriez, @ugo, @james

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Yes, the focus of the survey is not on what you repair (the fixometer is better data for that). The main purpose of the first question is to make the rest of the following questions about barriers more relevant to what kind of devices/appliances you chose to answer about. We are the same at Repair Cafe Malmö - we get experience with both. That said, most of our volunteers would have a preference on what they help repair, but that is probably because we are relatively new and still gaining experience :slight_smile:

Thank you. I see. Actually we already received it last week.
It was sent to us by the university of the KUL Leuven in Belgium.

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yes indeed, they asked several other universities to spread the word (I work at Lund Uni) :slight_smile:

I posted this in the Italian category earlier today :+1:

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@Panda likes taking apart both Electrical Appliances and Electronic Equipment, but above all other peoples surveys :wink:

I’m wondering if I hadn’t read Panda’s post, I would have been able to make that choice… I thought I’d give the survey the benefit of the doubt, and maybe do it twice… only once so far… If there’s a skew towards Electrical… that might be why …