Wiki page previews for sharing on social networks, Talk

Just noticed that when sharing a wiki page here on “Talk”, no thumbnail or excerpt is pulled for a “preview”. Same occurs on Facebook. Haven’t checked other networks.

Given all of the excellent images added by @philip, it would be a shame not to get this working.

When you hover over a wiki link in Wikipedia you get a preview of the page. Is that what you mean, Janet? This is something we’ve talked about and want to implement and maybe James or Neil has switched on the flag. In Wikipedia it takes the first paragraph or so of the page plus the first image, and our wiki pages aren’t structured with that in mind, and in our case, a definition from the Glossary might be more helpful in many cases. A fair bit of work which I don’t mind undertaking when it’s been decided exactly what we’re going to do and how.

This is what I mean… same occurs on social networks…

Here is a blog post:

Here is a wiki page, with plenty of images:

OK, I think I see now. If you type in a FB post it would be nice if it came up with a picture of an electric motor. If I type in a FB post it does indeed come up with a picture of one. It will take some research to find out how it selects something to preview. If we sort out previews internally within our wiki as we’ve discussed, that might fix it automatically. Or it might not.

Agreed, this would be nice. It’s a feature Discourse calls ‘Onebox’. Here’s some guidance from Discourse themselves:

If Onebox is not working as expected, for example on your main site, aren’t working properly

  1. Check that your site is using correct meta tags for content, ideally using the OpenGraph or oEmbed protocols
  2. Test your site by pasting the URL into iFramely to see how other >sites see your content
  3. If that is working then make sure you’ve followed the correct process for posting the link in Discourse

After testing it on iFramely, it looks like wiki pages are missing the meta data that usually allows thumbnails etc. to be pulled through.

I wonder whether adding OpenGraph meta tags to the sections of pages would help.
Looks like there’s an extension for that.

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'Fraid you’ll have to educate me there! Discourse, Onebox, OpenGraph, oEmbed and iFramely are all new to me.

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Me too @philip, but I trust in @neil and @james’ abilities to sort this one out :wink: