Why Gadgets Die (batteries & repair)

The Washington Post has published a really nice article about how a lack of repairability causes many of our devices to die so quickly and the impacts this has on our bank balances and the planet.

Focusing on the issue of non-replacable batteries, it quotes our very own @ugo and many of our friends such as @Bas_Flipsen and Kyle from iFixit. And the conclusion is music to the ear:

we have to push back against the marketing machine that makes an annual cycle of product updates feel like anything other than crass consumerism. […] We need to shift our relationship with technology.

Read the piece here:

It also features some of the research we did together as a community last year about the greenhouse gas emissions of consumer products (see the graph on laptop emissions in the article). Big shout out to @Kiki, @Mark_Phillips, @Mel_Abraham, @Monique, @Steve_Cook and @Stuart_Ward - having our work published in the Washington Post is a big deal! :clap:


Link for this is https://archive.ph/lCB8p