What's next for the Right to Repair in 2023?

Regulars on this forum will probably know that 2022 was an important year for Right to Repair, particularly in Europe and the USA. We saw encouraging (albeit slow) progress in the EU around batteries, smartphones and tablets and the first Right to Repair legislation in the USA passed in New York state.

While in the UK… nothing :zipper_mouth_face:

@ugo has written a great blog post summarising these developments (or lack thereof) and also looks ahead to what we can expect in 2023 and where we need to apply the most pressure as campaigners.

:r2r: :placard: :mega:

Well worth a read:

For more about the state of Right to Repair in Europe, India, Aotearoa New Zealand, Australia and Nigeria, check out the recordings of sessions we ran at Fixfest 2022.

And for more about the USA, catch up on the latest here: