What is the Restarters community?

Welcome to the Restarters Community!

We are a global community of people who are passionate about repair
Together we run repair events around the world where volunteers help people give their belongings a new lease of life. In the process, we strengthen communities, spread repair skills, reduce the amount of e-waste and CO2 we produce and fight for better, more repairable products.

We use this forum to:

  • share stories and news :newspaper:
  • ask for advice about events :spiral_calendar: and repairs :hammer_and_wrench:
  • help others :handshake:
  • coordinate and campaign for the Right to Repair :r2r:
  • and more…!

:whiskers_left: Everyone is welcome! :whiskers_right:

Whether you’re interested in repairing, community events the Right to Repair or any of the other topics we talk about, jump right in!

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