What companies hide: the high carbon impact of making our electronics (Webinar)

From laptops to toasters, every device we buy comes with a hidden environmental cost. Understanding this hidden cost is crucial to reducing our overall impact and how repair can help us do that.

We’ve been on a mission to reveal the environmental impact of the products we use every day. Join @Jessika_Richter from The International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics in Lund, Sweden and @james as we share what we learned in this online webinar.

Together we’ll answer questions like:

  • how do you measure the carbon footprint of a device like a smartphone?
  • how can you find this kind of information?
  • why does this matter?
  • how can we reduce the impact of our electronics?

There will also be time for questions.


2021-09-02T18:00:00Z (duration: 1 hour)


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We’re working on a Part 2 to this webinar, a lunchtime webinar on consumption emissions at scale - we’re announcing soon, but please save the date, 12pm UK time, Friday 8th October.