We're participating in the Aviva crowdfunder!

We’re participating in the Aviva crowdfunder this year . Over the next 6 weeks every donation made will be doubled!

Why are we crowdfunding?

It’s no coincidence our crowdfunder launched around Black Friday! At a time when we’re encouraged to buy new stuff - whether we need it or not - we want to highlight the options available to value the things we already have.

We are crowdfunding for three main reasons:

Awareness: we need to raise awareness of the growing e-waste crisis, and just as important, awareness around the alternatives to buying new. We need to help people find ways to repair and reuse their things, and demand access to repair and reuse for everyone.

Community support: we support groups across the UK to help people to fix their things. These groups help build strong communities. We want to continue and grow this support next year through peer learning, free resources such as Restarters.net, and insurance for those in our network.

Training and skillshares: we want to grow the next generation of fixers. We will do this by extending our free training courses to more 18-24 year olds, and run even more Rosie the Restarter events for women and non-binary people, helping to bring more women into the fixer movement.

To donate head to: tinyurl.com/restartaviva

Thanks for your support!
The Restart Team

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