We're changing the address that email notifications come from

As part of our work to improve email notifications, we’re changing the address that notifications are sent from. In short, the only difference you’ll notice will probably be that email notifications—and replies—should get through more reliably from now on.

But for more detail, keep reading…

What’s changing?

Previously, notifications from Talk were sent from community@therestartproject․org. From now on, they will be sent from notifications@talk.restarters․net)

This will only affect the emails you get from Talk (this forum), not any other kinds of emails from Restarters․net or The Restart Project more generally.

Why the change?

We’ve been experiencing some problems with notification emails recently, where messages weren’t delivered and replies to topics were getting lost. To help fix this, we’ve switched to a different email provider, which should mean that emails get through much more reliably.

As an added bonus, we’re now using an address that better reflects where the emails are coming from (i.e. talk.restarters․net).

Do you need to do anything?

Probably not, no.

But if you have inbox rules set up in your email client that target the old address, you may need to update these. You may also want to add the new address to your safe senders list to make sure notifications don’t end up in your spam folder.