Webinar - Repair Cafe Workshop: Challenges & Opportunities

From email via CCS:

Circular Communities Scotland is developing the new Share and Repair Network , which is being supported by the Scottish Government and Zero Waste Scotland. The aim is to significantly increase local sharing and repair activities and offer Scottish communities sustainable and affordable alternatives to buying new products.

Following on from the recent survey we delivered, which will help us to prioritise our actions and develop and deliver the most appropriate support from the network, we are running two inaugural Share & Repair Network workshops, to allow us to really consider what the challenges are and how we can work together to overcome them and realise the full opportunities from sharing and repair.

Our Repair Cafe workshop is being held on Wednesday 30 March 2022 between 2pm and 4pm on Zoom, and you are warmly invited to attend. Please register for this workshop via this link .

You can also view the agenda for a bit more information on how the session will run.

@james @Janet @neil I bet someone from the RP team would be very welcome to join if you have time, and if you could forward this to any groups in the north who might have missed it, that would be appreciated (Geordies welcome too I’m sure; we’ll annex you soon enough, cousins). :heart:

Thanks for flagging this @4ndy :pray:
I actually had a catch up with CCS about this and we’re really interested to see what come out of the session. We’ll sit this one out ourselves, as it’s more about what repair initiatives in Scotland want from the new network. Do pass on our regards though :slight_smile: