Webinar: making repair affordable (Wed 19 Jul, 3pm UK time)

Making repair affordable is a key pillar of the Right to Repair.

So this Wednesday (19 Jul), the European Right to Repair Campaign :r2r: , which Restart co-founded, is running a free webinar exploring how national governments and the EU can use financial incentives to make repair more affordable for citizens.

It’s a great chance to catch up on some of the latest action at EU level but also learn more about the repair schemes brought in by governments in France, Austria and Germany.

Learn more and sign up here:


For anyone who missed it, you can watch the recording of this webinar here:

This was very interesting. The local funding to subsidise repair costs clearly was making an impact. I wonder if this is something we could get moving in the UK (one imagines at a local level)?

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I will have a watch of that. I did watch the one about guarantees which was really interesting. Hadn’t occurred to me that longer guarantees might actually be a problem. https://repair.eu/news/webinar-is-the-legal-guarantee-the-right-tool-to-make-products-last-longer/

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Like others, have listened to this item & put on our local repair cafe website.
Will write to MP about this asking for it to be pushed to correct minister & wait for response.
Some good thoughts on this.
In the UK it appears that most repairs under warranty are passed to privateers from insurance companies with them having problems getting parts & NO warranty as to quality of work !
Have had this problem with daughters W/C machine, parts delivered & not fitted !. NO response from insurance Co ! just want your money, its another Rip-OFF !