We are expanding the Repair Directory, together with you!

Hello everyone,

Many of you will know of our Repair Directory . This is where we list reliable repair businesses, currently in 12 London boroughs.
We want to start expanding it to the whole of London! Our research from 2017 shows that many Restart Party attendees (45%) cannot name a commercial repairer they trust. We want to help Restarters and members of the public find repairers they can trust. We also think that now is a crucial time to support small business and independent repairers.

Next steps

We are taking an exciting step forward with the Repair Directory: Now, everyone can help us expand it by suggesting repair businesses in any London borough. We have created a form here and have already received the first submissions.

We are looking for businesses that meet these criteria:
:star: Have at least 10 online reviews, with a minimum average score of 4 out of 5 stars
:world_map: Provide a physical address
:handshake: Give warranties on their repairs

Suggest a London repair business!

You can help - from anywhere! :earth_africa:

We are expanding to cover more London boroughs, but you don’t need to actually be in London to help with this.

You can search for London repair businesses online. We like using Google maps to find businesses:

  1. Zoom to a part of London of your choice and type search terms such as “appliance repair” or “smartphone repair”.
  2. Look through the search results to find businesses that meet our criteria and submit them using the form above.

Share your feedback

We are continuing to develop the directory further - so your feedback and your ideas are always welcome! Just leave a comment here or message @ugo or me :slight_smile: