Visualisation of Device Fault Categories from the Open Data Dive

Following on from this thread, the fault_types and fault_categories data from the Open Data Dive has now been imported to the Fixometer.

The list of fault_types can be viewed in Metabase.

So after much deliberation and review, this is the breakdown of laptops/desktops/tablets data as of March 01 2019 for fault_categories.

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Furthermore, fault_categories by outcome…

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It would be helpful for some (me :slight_smile:) if the various threads (I count 5) could be combined. I’m mostly interested in a summarised paragraph or two, if possible. “In March 2019, xx volunteers dove into data collected at xx repair events over xx time and found that the most common computer repairs were xx and with xx success rate.” Perhaps this is too simplified? Being completely honest, my brain doesn’t really process the charts and graphs and it is difficult to keep track of the different threads when one references another which then references another, etc.

But overall, this is amazing data and hopefully will be useful for helping stave off the climate catastrophe a few more years!!!

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