Using the fixometer how much mobile phone data will it use

we’d like to use the fixometer at our repair cafe in Hayling Island .In order to do this we’ll have to use a volunter’s mobile phone to tether
its not something i have any experience of so im asking
how much data does the fixometer use ? - would you have to make sure other things were not also running?
is this what other groups do?

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Hi Judy,

This is a great question. This site isn’t the heaviest site when it comes to data usage, but it will certainly use some, especially when you’re loading it for the first time. Once you’ve navigated to an event’s page, it doesn’t require much data to add new items, as this doesn’t require the page to reload. This means it shouldn’t be too slow once you’re on the right page, even if your signal isn’t very strong or your connection isn’t very fast. And it shouldn’t eat up too much of your volunteer’s data allowance.

I’ve not experienced problems myself when using the site on data, but I’d be interested to hear about your experience if you give it a go.

That’s not the most detailed answer, so I’ll tag @neil who might be able to give a bit more information after he gets back in the middle of next week.

Hope that helps in the meantime :slight_smile:

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There are many different ways in which groups collect data at events. The one I see in person most commonly is a simple paper form. Either paper forms handed to each fixer or a big paper pad at the reception area that the host fills out.

A laptop or tablet could also be employed, with a spreadsheet or other software for taking notes. A template can be downloaded for Excel or copied to a Google sheet from here. Google sheets can be used offline.

You could also have a “data volunteer” go around recording the info as the event unfolds, even using photography and audio recording if you want. Groups tend to come up with their own methods and design and print their own forms.

The data is very commonly entered into the Fixometer after the event, but of course you are welcome to use the Fixometer during the event if that is more convenient. You will be able to make amendments to your data afterwards if needed.

If you want help with whatever method you choose, please feel free to ask, and we welcome all feedback, ideas and suggestions for improvement! :slightly_smiling_face:

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thank you Monique . Ive downloaded the spreadsheet and we’ll take a look