Useful media talking points

Updated June 2019

Here are some top talking points to cover with media

(I’ll indicate where they are UK-focused)

Repair is great for our personal finances, on a social level, and for the planet — and it has broadbased public support. Research shows broad public support for more repairable products here in the UK (Green Alliance research) and in Europe (European Commission.) Recent research in North America (US and Canada) shows broad public support for the “Right to Repair”, in all demographics and among all political parties.

• Across the Restart network, we fix 52% of electronics and electricals during our events. About 1/5 is “end of life” and the rest is still repairable. Our barriers to repair are the same ones small repair businesses face: finding proper documentation, spare parts and difficulty of disassembly.

• It’s not enough to fix in our communities without addressing the barriers to repair and longer-lasting devices, which is why we co-wrote The Manchester Declaration in October 2018, calling for higher-level changes. :uk:

• European member states voted for more repairable appliances in December and January, backed by a major push from community repair activists and environmental NGOs. However some of the key provisions excluded DIYers and community repair groups. This is just the beginning of a multi-year, coalition Right to Repair campaign emerging in Europe, that will soon push for standards for laptops and mobiles, and new “repairability scores” for products.