Urgent call for medical equipment service manuals and translators

Has everybody seen iFixit’s initiative to compile the largest archive of repair service manuals for medical equipment?

The background work is going on here - there are a number of tasks you can perform to help out

And they are looking for translators - if you go to the sheet “Ventilators” you can see how many translations are missing. Key languages: Italiano, Français, Deutsch, Español, Português, Nederlands 中文, 日本語

Please let us know if you are going to get involved! We have a “team” on iFixit and we’d love to stay in touch.


Hi Janet, I was already involved. Helping with Spanish there :slight_smile:


Great to hear!

Kyle’s update is impressive, 83% of commonly used vents with service manuals. (Note, most of these are common in the US, there is some work to be done ID-ing European brands and models.)

It’s probably time to double-down on translation, and move to other equipment

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The iFixit article about this is gone today ? Error 404

All of them work for me…

Not on my side ! : Look at this

Ok, now I see why. You are looking at the French version. Click on the FR on the top right of the web and choose EN. That works for me. I see the same error choosing French

Right ! Thank you very much Angel !

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Another quick update on this. iFixit have now expanded this project to include respiratory analysers and anesthesia systems (in addition to ventilators):