Upcoming events feed on /Party

On this page https://restarters.net/party

I’d like to see upcoming events for my groups, and then for global events. (If there are none for “my groups”, then I’d like to see global events by default.)

Ideally I’d see more than 5 - how many would be best?

Agreed. 5-10 would make sense to me.

Related point, it might be useful to see ‘upcoming events near me’ too (for Restarters in particular). Although there’s a risk of this undermining the incentive to actually join a group, maybe we could mitigate that by emphasising that to receive notifications about a group’s events, you need to have joined it?

Just to understand why this is needed - clicking ‘See all upcoming’ shows all global upcoming events, what’s the benefit of also showing 5-10 global upcoming below the list of ‘Upcoming events for your groups’? Is it to make it quicker to see? And this is for Admins only I guess?

If we show global upcoming below, I guess this global list should not show events from your groups (to avoid repetition)?

Yup, just so I can click less and be more effective in bouncing around and finding what I need

Could we add ‘my’ upcoming events to the Dashboard? At the moment we can see recent events on the dashboard but we need to select Events on the menu to see upcoming events.

Maybe upcoming events could be listed in the Create a new event box.

Sounds good @James_Diamond - I’ve added your posts into an existing conversation we’ve been having about precisely this.