TOMORROW: Google Meet to Organize for International Repair Day

TOMORROW: (Monday Oct 2): Join Google Meet at 15:00 GMT/UTC to organize an Oct 21 International Repair Day combination in-person/online event:

@Cherwell_Collective_CIC ( is organizing a combination in-person and online “Fix-In” gathering for International Repair Day Sat Oct 21 where we can help local repair hubs holding in-person events fix remotely in real time via The Global Fixers Server on Discord:…“Our vision for this event is for existing hubs across the UK at places like repair cafes, parish councils, community centres, libraries, and similar to support repair on site at some point on 21 October 2023 from 11am - 2pm GMT.”…

They’re holding an organizing Google Meet tomorrow for repair hubs around the UK, please join that Google Meet to find out more:

WHAT: Organizing meeting for International Repair Day in-person/online “Fix-In”
WHEN: Mon Oct 2 16:00 BST (=15:00 UTC=00:00+1 JST,01:00+1 AEST,04:00+1 NZST,17:00 CEST,15:00 GMT,12:00 ART,11:00 EDT,10:00 CDT,09:00 MDT,08:00 PDT) (Confirm your local time is correct.)
HOW: Google Meet:

(The Google Meet is at 08:00 PDT for me but I hope to join, if somewhat bleary-eyed…)

See you there! (virtually, that is) -Peter

P.S. And if you haven’t already: join the Global Fixers Server on Discord where we’ve deployed hybrid online/in-person repair and share tips and tricks and best practices between repairers around the world: follow the instructions in this Google Doc: -p