Together we've saved over 500 tonnes of CO2e 🎉

Here are some nice stats as we come to the end of the year:

Together we’ve now logged over 10,000 successful repairs in the Fixometer!
And in the process, we’ve saved more than 500 tonnes of CO2 equivalent.

That’s about the same amount of greenhouse gas saved as growing 8,200 tree saplings for 10 years
:seedling: :arrow_right: :deciduous_tree:
:negative_squared_cross_mark: :eight::two::zero::zero:

At the same time, we’ve also saved over 35 tonnes of waste and helped over 22,000 people through repair events. You can see the full stats on the Fixometer page.

These are amazing achievements! Congratulations everybody! :clap: :tada:


and it avoids tonnes of toxic e-waste … given that over 80% of global e-waste is not properly recycled and would end up as landfill, or uncontrolled ‘recycling’ … we could probably also estimate the amount of toxic waste avoided too …


That could be an interesting piece of work Mark. Given we know the kinds of devices we’re fixing, it’d be doable with a bit more research and some people-power. Think we’d need to find some extra funding to drive that work, but we can keep an eye out!

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