Today's Virtual Fixit Clinic: Saturday Aug 29 18:00 GMT/UTC

Today’s Virtual Fixit Clinic looks to be a big party and you’re all invited: we’ve already got 70+ illustrious community repairers and observers from all over the world — Belgium, Canada, Sweden, the UK, and many US states: so please attend and join the party!

We’ve got
-five lamps
-two laptops (both Lenovo(!)),
-two receivers (both Kenwood(!))
-and a radio, a sewing machine, a paper shredder, a blender and a returning toaster oven lined up (see below.)*

WHAT: Virtual Fixit Clinic DLX (560) Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL)
WHEN: Saturday Aug 29, 2020 11:00 AM PDT (=18:00 GMT/UTC =19:00 BST =20:00 CET =14:00 EDT =13:00 CDT =Noon MDT =11:00 PDT)

Here’s the Zoom Info; please click on the URL now to confirm it works (it will show local start time):

Topic: LBNL Fixit Clinic
Time: Aug 29, 2020 11:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Meeting ID: 949 2218 1821

** Please arrive (at least) a few minutes early, we’ll start at the top of the hour
** Zoom may prompt you to register, please use your real name so we know to let you in. (We’re trying to keep out Zoom bombers)
** Turn on your video (encourages collegiality) (optional: wear something goofy or put something whimsical in the (real) background)
** Edit your name to add location (e.g. “Peter Mui Berkeley CA US”)
** New to Zoom? Play around with the different features e.g.:
-open the chat window
-muting/unmuting (please stay muted when not trying to talk)
-raising hand
-explore different views like gallery view and presenter view

Tentative schedule:

  • Join the Zoom (up to) 15 minutes early to meet and greet fellow community repairers from around the world, practice Zoom features, chat informally ahead of the participants showing up on the hour.
  • We will mute all, call to order at the top of the hour.
  • We’ve scheduled twelve(!) item presentations so if all the participants show up we’ll need to be really efficient in the assembly. Give the presenter a chance to tell us about their item, how they used it and how it broke: then let’s suggest things to try in their breakout room.
  • After all presentations we assign items/participants and community repairers to breakout rooms; feel free to move around between breakout rooms to look at the different items.

** Be mindful that when we’re all assembled they’ll be 80+ community repairers / observers plus participants online. Please stay muted as much as possible and save extemporaneous comments and extended discourse for the breakout rooms.

-Please join the Global Fixers Google Group at!forum/global-fixers to participate in ongoing discussion about items seen.

Virtual Fixit Clinics are a work in progress and there will no doubt be hiccups and snafus: we appreciate your patience and understanding as we work out the kinks and determine best practices.

Looking forward to seeing you today (virtually, that is), -Peter

Peter Mui @ Fixit Clinic - Cultivating resilient communities through all-ages do-it-together hands-on fix-n-learn community disassembly and discovery
+1 408 647 5790

*What might we see? And can we fix it? Here are the items queued up (subject to change):

-From Denver Colorado US: Rae is back with their Black and Decker TRO Toaster Oven, they’ve removed the cover and have a multimeter now so we can test for a bad heating element or look for a loose wire.

-From US-California-Fremont: Standard table lamp Hand made Body was carved of solid wood by my grandfather. Electrical part no longer works so I want to repair or replace it. Have no idea where to start

-From ?: Laptop Lenovo Lenovo N21 Chromebook 2015 refuses to turn on. charging issue with port I think because the charger works on other devices fine tried shifting charger cord around port which caused it to work at first but then it stopped working all together

-From US-California-Fremont: Laptop, Lenovo ,e345, windows 10 lenovo E345 2017 “I had been using it for Zoom meetings and it was working fine until about 2 weeks back. Now video transmission works fine but my audio voice does not reach other people in the Zoom meeting ( I can see and hear everyone fine ). I tried troubleshooting and attempted a variety of solutions, but to no avail. Zoom indicated “” you are using high fraction of CPU capacity. Try closing all other apps”" I need to have my sound transmission to others restored."

-From Santa Fe New Mexico US: Paper shredder Amazon Basics ASIN B00YFTHJ9C, INTERTEK 3194986 2018 The paper won’t feed so that it can be shredded. The motor works and the shredding mechanism works — as evidenced by the shredder working in reverse—only. There are three function settings, only: auto, off, and reverse. Reverse works. Auto does not. (Off, who knows?) it stopped working all of a sudden with no warning and no incident.

-From Boulder Colorado US: Salt lamp Crystal Salt Lamp 1000 Series 2014 It is not lighting up when I turn it on with the dimmer dial. I already changed the bulb, thinking that it was just a burnt out bulb, but it will still not light up. Changing the bulb, otherwise, I have not known where to begin.

-From US-California-Redwood City: Radio Crosley CR3003-A BK 2014 Seems to have died. No response when I turn it on. Until yesterday it always worked perfectly.

-From US-California-Berkeley: Audio Receiver Kenwood KR-3090 2010 or earlier Random loud popping noise. I isolated it to one channel. It appears to get worse after it’s on for a period of time. Yes, I have read many forum discussions about it, located the service manual, opened up the receiver, did some cleaning and testing. Need to pinpoint the exact capacitor or other component that has gone bad.

-From US-CA-San Leandro: Sewing Machine Singer Singer Elegance 9430 2010 or earlier Needle moves but stitch is not formed

-From Canada-Ontario-Brampton: A/V receiver Kenwood VR-407 intermittent cutting out of front audio channels I reset it to defaults but did not fix it. The AC power comes into the unit directly, there is no external transformer so I don’t feel safe opening it, I also don’t want to make it worse but if I had an idea of what might be wrong maybe we could get our handyman to repair it when he is back from vacation.

-From US-California-Berkeley: biophotonic light box Leanne Venier biophotonic LED Matrix 2018 usually I plug it in, and it lights up. Now I have to hold it at a very specific angle for the lights to turn on, and even then it does always work. No I haven’t - I assume it’s some kind of electrical shortage.

-From US-California-Fremont: Blender Black & Decker, Blender Black and Decker Blender Model: BLC12650HB 2016 Not turning on. When I plug it into the power, there is absolutely nothing happens. I am not sure where to start.

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