This Saturday, 2nd March: Let's push for the Right to repair on Open Data Day [in London or remotely]

Join us on Saturday 2nd March between 12-4pm for a fun afternoon diving into our open dataset of repair data on electronics, and help us discover what is impeding our right to repair. You will be able to take part in person in London (Newspeak House, 133 Bethnal Green Road, E2 7DG), or participate remotely too

Please let us know if you’re planning to come:

  • I’ll join in person
  • I’ll join remotely

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We collect data on every repair that we attempt at our community repair events. We then use that data to present insights into the devices and problems we see to those who design, manufacture and regulate products in the first place. We want to identify the barriers to repair that people come up against, whether it’s lack of spare parts, poor documentation, or simply bad design.

For Open Data Day, we want to concentrate on computers :computer::desktop_computer:, the products we most frequently see at Restart Parties. New regulations on the repairability of computers will soon be discussed at EU level. So we want to look into our data for common problems, common (and less common!) solutions, and what are the barriers to repair we should highlight to policymakers.

We’ve seen nearly 10,000 devices at our repairs events around the world, and a group of amazing volunteers have fixed over 50% of them, offsetting tonnes of e-waste and hundreds of tonnes of CO2 emissions in the process.

We’ll have a range of data and research tasks suitable for newcomers and experienced analysts, and we’ll provide the tools needed to do the analysis (unless you already have a favourite of your own, in which case we’ll provide the raw data!). All you’ll need to do is bring a laptop.

And of course we’ll have plenty of refreshments to power us through the data dive! :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,

We’ve confirmed a venue for this event - we’ll be in East London, at Newspeak House - 133 Bethnal Green Road, E2 7DG. More details coming soon

I was wondering whether we might want to invite some artists or creatives to the day.

Random International keep liking our posts on social and they have worked with ewaste before.

Lise Autogena / Josh Portway (behind the Greenland documentary) actually specialise in bringing data to life through art.

Ofc there is Olafur Eliasson - don’t have any contact / connection. (N.b. he also got behind marketing a solar lamp - we would have to check this meets minimum standards with our friends at University of Edinburgh.)

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Will you be featuring the event on the website? Let me know when you’re doing the social media push for this event, I’ll share with digital/design/other people in my network.

Also, I went to UKGovCamp a month ago, waste was on the agenda, bods from DEFRA were there and the Slack channel shows signs of activity, I can pop a link on there too.

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We’ll probably use this page Tito to promote the event - not yet published so still possible to suggest changes.

(We’ll link to the Tito ticketing page from a upcoming blog post too.)

We’ve received quite a bit of interest in the event. Can I please ask you to RSVP here @Stuart_Ward @Panda @Steve_Cook @Monique @Stefania @isabel just to confirm overall numbers:

We’ll send out on Friday updated info to all attending

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Probably too late for this time as most are likely already registered, but when creating events on Tito, you should set the time. The confirmation email includes an ICS file so one can easily create an entry in their calendar, but the lack of an accurate time information makes this useless. Here are the relevant fields in the ICS I received:


Thanks @Panda, we’ve tried but couldn’t make this to work. To my knowledge, only allows you to set times if you create multiple activities, not when you have a single event with no sub-events. We’ll try to find a workaround in the future

Curious to know the breakdown of remote participants (:wave:) to Newspeak participants?

It’s currently about 50% (13 in person, 13 online). Looking good!

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