The Restarters repair wiki is changing

:spiral_notepad: Summary: We’re opening up the repair Wiki to the community. Early next year, active users of this forum will automatically begin earning editing rights on the wiki. Read on for details

What is the Wiki and what’s changing?

The Restarters Wiki is where we record our collective knowledge about repairing electronic and electrical devices and is the 3rd pillar of It’s a great reference tool for beginners and more experienced repairers alike, covering both the basics (e.g. A beginner’s safety guide) and more advanced info (e.g. UEFI and GPT).

Most of the content has been written by Wiki champions @philip, @Dave and @Panda along with contributions from @RestarToshi, @hkoundi, Andrew, @Janet and @neil.

But in the spirit of collaboration and open-sourcing our collective expertise, we are opening up editing rights to the rest of the community. We think this will allow us to build up more content and cover more topics, making the Wiki an even more useful resource.

Of course, we’re keen to maintain a high level of quality and technical accuracy, so we’ve been working on a safe way to let community members contribute.

Here’s the plan…

Who will get a Wiki account?

All members of who have spent some time and contributed on Talk (this forum) will automatically get an account on the Wiki.

To be more specific, you’ll get a Wiki account when you earn the Member badge (i.e. trust level 2) on the forum by meeting all of the criteria below:

Criteria to earn a Wiki account (trust level 2)
Entered 20 discussions
Read 100 posts
Spent 60 mins reading discussions
Visited the forum on 15 days
Received 1 like on a post
Given 1 like on someone else’s post
Replied to 3 discussions

:question: Want to know which trust level you have? Check your badges.

How will new Wiki accounts work?

Anyone with a Wiki account will be able to add new pages or edit existing ones straight away. There’s a lot to say about electronics repair, so any contributions will more more than welcome!

For those who are new to the Wiki or only make contributions rarely, any changes made will need to be moderated by the Editor team before appearing publicly. Editors are members who have been looking after the Wiki for some time and who help maintain a high level of quality and technical accuracy.

Over time, if a member consistently makes good-quality contributions, they’ll be offered the chance to become an editor themselves.

We’ll be making these changes in early 2019. In the meantime, feel free to post any questions below!