The Manchester Declaration - final web version

Thanks to all who helped draft this at Fixfest UK! Hope this means as much to you as it does to us.

Original signatories are recognised, but any UK-based repair group is invited to sign, and “ally” groups, such as charities, businesses, etc are also invited to sign as well

For Monday, we’re hoping to have this ready for media attention, if there is any here in the UK, on the big ecodesign vote in Brussels.

Please circulate urgently if you think other organisations are missing out.


Crediton Repair Cafe has signed up.


Great, we’re adding groups today, and :crossed_fingers: it gets some media attention with the Brussels vote today/tomorrow or Wed (what with Brexit dominating)

One last update: we’ve more sign-ups, from groups across the UK, they are still coming.

Additionally, we’ve had support from allies such as Greenpeace UK, Green Alliance (credible think-tank), Bioregional (involved SDG12 work here in the UK). Still waiting on a couple of other potential “allies” but it already looks impressive.

In lieu of a massive petition, this is really useful for us, and we can point media to this to show the broad-based support we have in the UK.

Copy and remix in your country!

Just noting, for those in other countries (ahem, Italy, Norway, Iceland, Spain) who might want to adopt a similar approach, to create a “roundtable” or loose coalition to support the “Right to Repair” - the site is licensed as Creative Commons. It’s Wordpress, and you are welcome to borrow/remix the structure, code, etc. @neil or @ugo can answer questions

Here are the steps we took:

  • Collaboratively draft the Declaration
  • Get permission by drafters to sign (acknowledging them on the site)
  • Put up a site with a basic, GDPR-compliant contact collection form
  • Send around the website, including posting group pages
  • Personally contact “allies” and ask for their institutional support
  • [Future] send key updates/actions on R2R in country to signers

We hope someday soon we might see the Turin Declaration :it: too!


Janet please can I clarify, that you are still accepting new signatories to the Manchester declartion and groups can be added even now? Or is it ostensibly only for those that were in attendance at Manchester or responded to your call in Dec '18?

If yes where and how would you prefer a group does that?

I’m keen to encourage my new groups to signup but only wish to pursue it with them if it is still possible.


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Yes we are! The numbers are growing :chart_with_upwards_trend: and it really helps to build momentum and spread the word. We’re also linking out from the Declaration to local groups, so it might eventually become a referral mechanism.

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Great I shall make a point of calling the groups attention to it and then subsequent to their becoming signatories their taking action to contact their MPs as signatories.
Thank you


Had a question last night about whether e.g. a school could sign the declaration as an ally group?

Why not? :slight_smile: Sounds like a good opportunity to spread the word with parents and educators.

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