The latest MacOS with 2009 Macbook (with an SSD, of course)

Some of you may have already tried it, but to me, this is the real creativity, and innovation.

(Not another latest environmental friendly good hardware design - piece of junk?) Look at this MacPro, how easy to replace the hard disk and memory, we have had enough the user friendly good design before, just we need software to maximise the user experiences)

According to this guy, 2009 Macbook keyboard is so much better. I did exactly feel the same, 2008 HP Elitebook keyboard is the best one, (I gave up 2014 Toshiba notebook )

As long as you get the software, you are free to use anything you like.

Happy (software) hacking!


Darn it! I had one of these, but the screen degraded over time due to lack of use. But we have one here in the office, perhaps we should give it a try :wink:

Super cool!
here’s the link for the patcher:

anyone have link(s) to which hardware shipped with which version and how long it was supported for? “Everyone” knows that for “wintel” XP (and anything before it) is a major no-no (mainly because of wannacry?) but whats the last (barely? with “mitigations”?) usable Apple hardware (and hardware memory limitatons)/ software combo? “How low can you go?!”

I’ve just done this upgrade on my 2009 MacBook Pro, HDD to SSD and OS X El Capitan to Mojave. Seems to work really well, to be honest the machine felt pretty slick even before the upgrades but now even better (as we know, SSD makes a huge difference).

Dosdude has done a great job on making this process relatively painless but still I had hurdles on ensuring SSD compatibility, a USB stick that wouldn’t take the installer and the keyboard/mouse not working first time I booted into the installer. So it isn’t going to be for everyone, but is feasible to do at a Restart event eg if someone’s brought a new drive with them.

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Two useful utilities:

The important point is that using your experiences as a know-how to share and spread as a solution (package) to extend all of Macbooks life in this case.

In reality, how many people would bother to use the older Macbooks as a main computer without software update? How many people would try to replace the battery, broken screen, or install the SSD without software update?
Then let them know, how we can achieve this effectively? This is what we actually need? This solution encourages the users to extend the devices.

I am not sure how you guys feel, but it is very important for me to let people actually use the existing device longer, NOT AFTER REPLACEING IT as a second device.

As now you would agree with the fact that 2009 Macbook with an SSD and Mojave would offer seriously better user experiences than the latest hyper inflated brand new Mac (as well as Surface Pro? ) with less responsive keyboard.

Every Macbook users who came to Restart parties deserve to get informed. I would send the mail shot to every Mac users within the mailing list.

Also, any software reverse engineering /modification should be protected within the legal framework. (Hello “Right to Repair”) I am happy to accept huge concession that the legal framework supports only after the OEM software supports ends. Once the OEM ends software support for the specific devices, then the users should be able to do anything to extend the device legally. Otherwise, everything would be pie in the sky.

Happy Hacking!

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