The Big Fix is back: May 2023

Our friends at Recycle Devon (Devon County Council) are organising The Big Fix again this year. This time, it will span the whole of May!

For anyone unfamiliar with it, The Big Fix is a UK-wide celebration of repair. Similarly to International Repair Day in October , the idea is to promote community repair, generate some publicity and feel part of a bigger movement. Unlike Repair Day though, the Big Fix is just focused on the UK.

:link: Learn more about The Big Fix here

In previous years, the Big Fix has just been one day or weekend. But this year, the organisers have extended it to the whole month of May.

If you’re planning a Restart Party, Repair Café or other community repair event in May, you can get involved! Just register your event with the organisers and they’ll be in touch.

P.s. and while we’re on the topic, don’t forget to plan something around International Repair Day on 21 October 2023 :wink:

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