Starting a repair shop

Hello. All

Anyone with ideas and experience of starting and running a repair shop in a town centre.

we’re anticipating a greater need for a focal point for the community to be able to repair and teach repair of all types of products

In the format of a small regular, say 1, 2 max 3 people daily event will be more Covid19 manageable for Fixers and users.

Perhaps in a town centre office or shop building making us an actual destination and part of the community rather than a bi monthly
Massive. 60+ people event which doesn’t seem very likely for the time being.

Any experiences and ideas greatly appreciated

best Regards Steve Cousens

Market Harborough Fixers C.I.C

Hi Steve,

Just to clarify, could you say a bit more about the kind of ‘shop’ you’re thinking about setting up?
E.g. are you talking about a community space to host repair events and workshops - something like a makerspace?

(I’ve moved this to the ‘how to repair in your community’ category, as it fits here a little better)

I know that @Lorna_Montgomery (Bath Share and Repair) has opened a shop in Bath. Perhaps you can share a little bit about how that’s working Lorna?

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I would check with the local Council. We meet monthly for a couple of hours (again after the Covid19 lock down) in a local Cafe. The Cafe owner was surprised how much it increased the trade for refreshments. We usually have 2/3 tables which we cover with plywood sheets to protect the surface

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