St Albans Upcycle & Repair Fair 18th May - call for volunteer(s)

I’m helping add electrical and electronic repairs to an event which last year just did fabrics, furniture, bikes and jewellery. I’ve recruited several local fixers, 3 of whom are definites for our event and several others who are maybe or probably. As far as I know, none of them have previously attended a restart party or repair cafe.

It would be really good if one or two experienced Restarters could come, either to act as mentors or advisers, or if we’re busy, to do some fixing as well.

The event is listed in the Fixometer, with directions (plenty of trains from St Pancras to St Albans City, then 15mins walk or a no 84 bus 4 times an hour, or parking in adjacent residential roads.)

The event is running from 10.30am to 3pm - longer than most, so if someone wanted to come just for the first half and someone else just for the second that’d be fine.

There will be a pop-up cafe (vegan) provided by The Green Kitchen.

Please let me know if you’re interested.


Hi @Philip sounds like a really cool event! I’ve moved here to the Events category - perhaps it’s worth crossposting on #london too.

Oh and worth asking @katie if anybody might want to take the train down and join you from Bedford!

Congrats on extending your event Philip!
And thanks for the heads up Janet.
I’ll speak to my husband (one of my electrical fixers :wink: ) to see if he is free for us to come down.
It does sound like you have a great set up though! Especially as you know how the furniture, bikes & jewellery will run, and you’ll just be keeping an eye on your new electrical team.

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Hi @Katie - yes, do pop in if you can and it’ll be great to meet you! (Your Bedford group is on my radar and I’ve had it in mind to attend one of your events at some point.) It’s not actually my event - I’m just piggy-backing electricals and electronics, skills which they haven’t had in the past.

Hey Philip! I’m SO sorry we didnt reply to you before. Life is crazy! eek!
How did your little part at the Upcycle & Repair Fair go?
Might we see you at Saturday’s bedford event?

Hi Katie -

Yes, it went really well thank you! (You can see our stats on the fixometer.) And yes, I’m planning to join you on Saturday - I RSVP’d your event. Look forward to meeting you then!

Kind regards - Philip