(some) progress on Right to Repair in the USA

After much delay, New York State Governor signed the first Right to Repair legislation of the country - which was unfortunately reduced in scope thanks to lobbying by manufacturers.

What happened is not surprising - and not dissimilar to last minute pressure by manufacturers as we’ve seen it in working on Right to Repair in Europe.

Here is an explanation by Ars Technica:

Here is the official statement by our partner US PIRG who’s been working relentlessly on the bill:

It’s not surprising that the law will only apply to devices sold from July 1st 2023 (implementation delays in Europe are usually much longer), however it’s risky that models exclusively to government or businesses will be exempt.

The fight for a real Right to Repair continues…


Yes. It’s good news, but is a small step. At least it is in a positive direction!
My main concerns is that it will take years to get the next round of concessions. That will make progress slow … As you say, the fight for a real Right to Repair continues …


I’m waiting for the more comprehensive analysis by Paul Roberts and others to understand the extent of the “trimming”. It’s certainly shocking that a governor can get a law changed extensively after it’s been voted (with such a strong majority!).
But I’m definitely not surprised that manufacturers succeeded in exempting all devices sold until July 1st 2023…

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Couple of interesting takes which are certainly worth watching.

Louis Rossman :triangular_flag_on_post: NSFW - angry language within :triangular_flag_on_post:

and Jessa Jones who is a little more sanguine:

Also interesting is this tweet from Nathan Proctor


I don’t know if the 48 page report that he mentions is public domain (yet).


WOW, This guy has not only got NYC dead to rights BUT this is the same sort of sh*t going on in Europe & the UK. WE all have got a load of crap politicians who don’t care about their voters on anything especially the environment. WE the public have just got to “STOP BUYING” for a couple of months, then there might be some action. Rgds Stay safe.

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More from Nathan on Tractor Repairs in USA.
Nathan Proctor (https://twitter.com/nProctor)

This isn’t correct. Nothing in this deal about aftermarket parts, and also important questions remain about what will be accessible. See: https://pirg.org/media-center/statement-farm-bureau-signs-right-to-repair-deal-with-john-deere/

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US farmers will have the right to repair tractors and other agricultural equipment from John Deere without having to use the manufacturer’s own parts and facilities, under an agreement the company signed Sunday with farm industry representatives https://cnn.it/3vUBXYw


The Markup has some follow-up analysis of what happened in New York: