Some categories are going public tomorrow (Wed)

Hi everyone! We’ve just opened up 3 categories to non-registered users:

Click here for more details

This means those 3 categories (and all the discussions they contain) are now viewable to anyone with internet access without logging in (and will be indexed by search engines). However, only registered members can post.

All other categories will remain members-only (just visible to people who are registered and logged in). These members-only categories are marked with a padlock symbol :lock: on the category page.

If you’d like any of your posts or discussions removed from these 3 public categories or moved to a members-only space, please let @james know :slight_smile:

For full context and more information about why we’ve made this change, head over to the full discussion about which discussion categories should be public.

Update: these 3 categories are now public! (I’ve updated the announcement above too)