Slow Factory "Summer Camp"

It’s more related to fashion/clothes, but very intriguing

We are launching our very first Summer Camp! Yes, it’s online but we hope to have it offline IRL by next summer!! You can now enroll in Open Edu Summer Camp now! We partnered with Vestiaire Collective , as part of their #collectiveforchange to bring you a month of classes focused on the disposable culture of fast fashion.

Aug 6 The History of Fast Fashion: How did this system take over? — Aja Barber

Aug 13 The Culture of Disposability: How did we make throwing good things away part of our culture? — Céline Semaan

Aug 20 The History of Resale Markets: Throwing away clothes for a living — Liz Ricketts

Aug 27 Open Edu: Town Hall Q&A — Céline Semaan & Liz Ricketts

:tv: All recordings will be archived on the website

Camp Packing List

:heavy_check_mark: Zoom app on either your laptop or smartphone

:heavy_check_mark:Pen & paper. Trust us; you’re gonna want to take notes.

:heavy_check_mark: Your best loungewear

:heavy_check_mark:Helmet; get ready to have your mind blown.

No sunscreen or sleeping bags required