Sign this list of demands for better repair rules

Despite some progress in recent years, it’s no secret that lawmakers still haven’t done enough to make repair accessible to everybody. We’re still some way from the universal Right to Repair that we need to empower us to fix our own devices, slow the stream of e-waste and reduce the upstream impacts of consumer products.

So, we’ve worked with some of our European partners on a list of demands to…

  1. create financial incentives to repair
  2. require manufacturers to extend the lifespan (and repairability) of their products
  3. teach repair in schools.

If that all sounds good to you too, please add your name to this list of demands and help us build our case:

Sign the demands

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We’re welcoming signatories from all European countries (including the UK) but people outside Europe are welcome to sign it too :slight_smile:

Thank you! :pray:

And feel free to share it with your own networks! Here’s some text you can use:

:rotating_light:Don’t throw away your broken electrical and electronic devices any more!
We need your support to push lawmakers to promote repair and reduce e-waste. Sign our list of demands asking lawmakers to create financial incentives to promote repair, strengthen reparability legislation, encourage the training and employment of local repairers and raise public awareness of the importance of repair. Together we can build a more sustainable and responsible society, while saving money and reducing our environmental impact.
:writing_hand: Sign our list of demands now to show your support!


done :slight_smile:

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