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Today we’ve launched a new petition to the UK government, BEIS and Defra ministers calling for real Right to Repair rules.

As many of you will remember, back in March the government claimed to be introducing the Right to Repair in the UK. But the policies it announced are limited and it was simply doing what it was already required to do when it agreed to these rules in 2019.

We need to keep up the pressure and show that we are deeply committed to building on this foundation better.

The petition asks for:

  1. “Right to Repair” measures to include everyone, including DIY-ers and community repair groups
  2. a commitment to keeping up with Europe or doing better (e.g. by covering more products)
  3. a reduction on VAT for repairs

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Please share it with your networks too :pray:

Why now?

Earlier this year, the UK government largely ignored calls by Parliament to address electronic waste through the Right to Repair. It’s dragging its feet and showing very little commitment to longer-lasting products.

In recent weeks, a BBC Radio 4 series called Dare to Repair, hosted by Mark Miodownik, gave the issue great coverage. The show pointed out that even manufacturers would support lowering VAT on repairs.

Calling all community repair groups and allies

We’re calling on Repair Cafés, signers and endorsers of the Manchester Declaration, and other allies to share this petition widely over email. We will post updates on the petition page, and present the results to government when the time is right.


I passed on the petition to the local Freecycle and Freegle groups. It seemed to me there would be some interest and some may do the petition.
Regards, Robert Wood


Brilliant, thanks Robert!

Dear James
I got the following reply from Freegle.

Regards, Robert

Good morning Robert

Our Media Director has confirmed that she has already scheduled the petition to be put on Facebook and Twitter soon. So it will appear on the national ilovefreegle accounts and also be shared on each group/community pages throughout the UK.

Good luck!

With warm wishes

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What can those of us in EU member states do to participate?

This is for the UK. We’ll have more actions for EU member state residents to take in coming weeks. Thanks!

YAY! Thanks to you, we’ve reached 1000+ signatures, but we’re aiming for 5x or 10x this! If you are in a local repair group, please ask them to send around via email. (Social media is not as effective.)