Shortcuts under the name icon in talk and fixometer

I went to the fixometer to post to a group as groups are there (that was before I realised this term is overloaded with two different meanings, the container of events, and the local discussions). I remembered the useful tip @james mentioned of clicking on the envelope under the name icon (top right of the screen), but this is not available when in the Fixometer. If there’s a way to keep the shortcuts available there when in talk, also when in Fixometer that would be helpful and enhance consistency.

It’s a great idea but quite tricky to implement unfortunately, as behind the scenes they’re two different applications.

We have control over the menu that’s in the Fixometer, and could add in links to certain choice pages from Talk, e.g. a direct link to your messages in this case ({username}/messages). It’s possible we may be able to hook into Discourse’s menu, although I don’t know off the top of my head.

We have also discussed trying to pull in some of the notification counters from Discourse for e.g. new messages, new topics, etc.

We’ll never implement all of Talk’s dynamic menu in the Fixometer menu (and vice versa), so I wouldn’t want to invite confusion as to why some things are there, some things aren’t, etc. Perhaps we can find a happy medium.

Thoughts welcome on this.

It’s difficult to think about it in the abstract. It would be helpful to be able to try the different options if possible.

We’ll be looking to work with a user experience designer in the coming weeks (based to a large extent on feedback given during these beta phases, so keep the feedback coming!), during which we may prototype (on paper or otherwise) some possible options to try out. No concrete details as yet but it would be great to get you involved Panda, if you would like to be.

One would need to use a prototype with the live data to figure out whether such changes reduce the confusion or increase it. If I’m available I’d be happy to help.